• Computer is playing vital role in modern life. Computer education has great importance because use of computer has reached almost all spheres of life.
  • India has answered the call of modern Information Technology. Our Govt. also wants to make a digital India. India has achieved tremendous growth in this area and is now being considered as a potential I.T. super power in the world.
  • Information Technology education requires high quality Competence & good Infrastructure in order to make a competitive I.T. professional.


  • The main function of the society is to provide higher technical education in minimum charges for every body of society of Urban & Rural areas all over India and get success in IT revolution which is the main dream of Indian Govt.
  • In present time, some big Institution run their IT programme in higher charges. Due to which the middle class families of our societies cannot afford the load of their charges. Our mission studied them properly and decided to provide better higher technical education, making a foundation of "KENDRIA YOUTH SAKSHARTA MISSION" all over India.


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