Why KYSM.?


  1. Govt. of India- KYSM is an Autonomous institution under the rules and regula tion of Government of India (Trust 1882 act.).
  2. National Programme- It is a National Programme in Information Technology Education and Development. Our target is to make every one computer literate to fulfil the dream of making a literate India.
  3. HRD Register- All courses are registered under C.R. Act of Department of Secondary and Higher Education of Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD).
  4. Certification- All India Valid Certificate (Granted to all Govt. employment office) is provided to all successful candidate within 2 months of complete their courses from our certified centre.
  5. Tested Study Material- KYSM provides printed study material for all students enrolled in different courses.
  6. Placement Coordinator- KYSM has appointed Placement Coordinators with an aim to provide employment to the students who have passed KYSM courses.
  7. Quality Education- In each centre of KYSM trained faculties (BSc. MSc., MCA) are providing the computer education.
  8. Advanced Infrastructure- The centre laboratory are well planned to provide a pleasant environment for learning with 24hr. internet facility.
  9. E-Library Facility- The KYSM centres have a well-stocked library. Students are also provided an online e-book library directly by our website. All students are allowed to read a big numbers of famous book from our e-library using their registration no. and a password provided by us.
  10. Updated Course- Unique & latest JOB oriented course structure which help our student up to date with latest IT market.
  11. Minimum charges- Low Course fees & Instalment facility available and a special rebate for student of below poverty level.
  12. Student Feedback- Feedback sheets are circulated to the participating students after the end of each topic, providing an opportunity for the students to comment on the teaching or the contents of the topic.



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